About Electronics & ICT Academy at IIITDMJ (MP)

Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India has instituted four Electronics and ICT Academies with one academy at IIITDM Jabalpur with the primary objective of preparing manpower for two important missions - ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’. The Academy aims at scalable training programmes in niche areas of electronics and ICT for the development of required knowledge base, skills and tools to unleash the talent of Indian population. IIITM Gwalior, MANIT Bhopal, and IIT Indore are partners in organizing specialized courses for faculty, students and unemployed graduates under the Academy. In addition, the Academy will conduct customized training programmes for corporate sector and research promotion workshops for faculty teaching in colleges. The Academy is envisioned to become a central hub of activities on training, research, consultancy work and entrepreneurship programmes.

About PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur

IIITDM Jabalpur was established in 2005 with a focus on education and research in IT enabled Design and Manufacturing. Since its inception, PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur has been playing a vital role in producing quality human resources for contribution in India’s mission of inclusive and sustainable growth. The Institute offers undergraduate, post graduate and PhD programmes in Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Design and PhD programmes in Mathematics and Physics. Under IIIT act, the Institute has been declared an Institute of National Importance in January 2015. The Institute campus is being developed on 250 acres of land close to Dumna Airport, Jabalpur. The Institute is 10 kms from the main railway station and 5.5 kms from Dumna airport, Jabalpur

Host Institute
Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Science Jabalpur

The programmes are open to faculty, research scholars and students from all the colleges and universities. Industry personnel working in the concerned/allied discipline may also apply.

Contact Us
Mrs. Nidhi Mishra,
Department of Electrical Engineering
Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology & Sciences, Tilwara Ghat, Besides Bargi Hills, Jabalpur,
Ph.No.-0761-2673051, 2673632, 2673634
Mo. No.-09425153655
Website: www.ggits.org

How to apply?

The FDP participation fee is Rs. 1000/- (non-refundable) which includes the course materials, tea/snacks during the sessions. Participants will be selected on first-come-first serve basis.
Soft/scanned copy of the filled registration form can be send to the nidhimishra@ggits.org. No Travelling Allowance will be paid by the Academy.

Who should attend?

The program is open to faculty, research scholars and students from all the colleges and universities. Industry personnel working in the concerned/allied discipline may also apply.

Important Dates:

Last Date of Registration: January 19, 2017
Spot Registration also available if seats are available.

Accommodation (if needed)

Accommodation is available on payment basis in Institute's Guest House and Hostel's Guest House. please refer Important Information.

About the course:

This course is designed for anyone wishing to develop a basic comprehension of programming and GUI development. This is an exciting time in the academia and industry where programming is the vital tool that fortifies research and development. It is hands-on experience oriented skill development program with extensive applications of computational methods and specific programming exercises. Course will be beneficial to beginners as well as practitioners of different domain. Teaching methodology will be adopted in such a manner that all can cope up even those who do not possess any prior knowledge of computational methods and programming. Case studies of advanced application of MATLAB will be presented by highly motivated researchers/faculty and they will also demonstrate applications of computational methods through their recent research works. Every participant will be allotted an individual PC for hands on practice during the sessions.

Course Contents

Introduction to MATLAB User Interface, Basic Operations, Using MATLAB as Calculator, Handling Variables, Data Format, Expressions and Matrices, Conditional/logical Statement, Execution Control, Loops, Writing Functions, Data Input/Output in Various Format, 2D Plotting Visualization Using MATLAB, 3D Plots, Modifying plots using property editor, Automating Plots, Building Graphical User Interface (GUI) Basics, Polynomials, curve fitting and interpolations, Debugging and Troubleshooting programs, Development Tools and Programming Techniques, Building GUI's by own, Generating Executable Files and Stand-Alone Applications, Applications of Simulink, Symbolic Math, MATLAB Applications demonstration.
Recent Features:
Numerical Methods, Simulink, Symbolic Math, Optimization, Apps development through MATLAB, Projects/Case studies Demonstration, Handling data in MS Excel, Report generation.


There will be lecture sessions followed by hands on experience every day.
MATLAB User Interface and applications, Using MATLAB as Calculator, Programming Basics Conditional/logical Statement, Execution Control, Using Functions, Debugging. 2D/3D Plotting Visualization, Automating Plots, Polynomials, curve fitting and interpolations Building Graphical User Interface (GUI) Generating Executable Files and Stand-Alone Applications, Reading writing text files Creating simulation using MATLAB, Projects/Case studies Demonstration, Symbolic Math